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Finally Won All Gold Medals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It feels good to finally win all the gold medals.  The hardest level was Picnic Table 6.  
The only strategy to this game is to keep playing and become familar with the layout of the level.  Avoid anything that can hurt you, move as fast as you can and eventually the game will throw you a bone and give you a good batch of things to eat, so you can finish within the time frame.  
When you get to Picnic Table 6, it is a matter of luck (really it comes down to luck) to finally get the gold medal.
This is a really great game.  Good Luck

See my medals from the game and also from PlayFirst.

I wonder if anyone is still looking into this forum... what do you mean by "luck" on Picnic level 6?  I've been trying and trying like so many others, and I think my best time is 33 seconds.

Oh, and congrats on all golds!  That's a great achievement!

By "luck", he means that it is one of those levels where you have to depend on enough of the right size of objects coming in from off-screen fast enough for you to get enough to eat in time for the gold. If too few mice, cars, or whatever show up, then you have to wait for them and lose time. Sometimes you get more coming on screen, sometimes less, and that is what is meant when we talk about a Tasty Planet level being luck-based. Personally, I think that the luck element should be removed in later versions by having the spawn rate of such objects kept fairly constant.

Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds is much better. If you're trying to get a high score, then yeah, luck still sometimes plays a role, but if you're just playing for medals it isn't much of an issue.

I managed to get them all easily on the iPhone, but I don't even own the PC game.


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