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Closing Forums Soon

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We've had a lot of problems with spam on the forum... we get thousands of fake accounts and posts every day, despite using the most annoying registration options. Posts are never made public until we approve them, but it has become too much work to administer. In addition we get the all-too-frequent forum crashes which require my attention to figure out (yeah, that's why sometimes they have been offline for weeks or longer... I don't want to deal with server admin stuff... I suck at it and don't like doing it :( )

Sooo... we're going to be closing down the forums. We've disabled registration already. We're going to leave the forums online for a while. I might try to leave them accessible permanently as a reference, as there are certainly some useful posts in here.

I'm not sure exactly what we're replacing the forums with, if anything. Right now, I'm thinking about just using Facebook and Twitter for similar purpose... I don't know if that is sufficient...

In any case, thanks to everyone who contributed to the forums!

I see you and you're welcome, James! I also think dealing with this forum influences your game making time. So the best is social networking sites!

That's a shame, but I can see how annoying that would be. If I were you, I would close the forums too.

Looking forward to Tasty Blue!


R.I.P forums, why spamload of spambots would attack so small forum?


--- Quote from: raxo2222 on May 04, 2014, 11:29:24 AM ---why spamload of spambots would attack so small forum?

--- End quote ---
I don't know... It's confusing!


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