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Wow, there hasn't been any activity on this forum in ages! Game developers, how are you? Do you have any interesting projects? I would like to know if maybe a 20 years later could possibly be created.

If not, could I perhaps be able to play around with this game and make my own? I think it would be a fun exercise in programming.

Please let me know?


Hi, unfortunately, these forums are essentially down, the developers don't check them, and you can't register anymore. A couple of years ago they got hit by spambots HARD, in just one month, they had over 90 thousand spam posts, maintaining the forums was impossible. If you want to talk to the developers, they still respond fairly well to their e-mail at If you'd like to know what's happened recently, Tasty Planet 2 and Tasty Blue were put on Steam with Greenlight, and they have done quite well, so they are currently working on a couple of new games. For all I know, one of them could be related to this.

Wow, finally someone posted something on this forum this year!
I'm also wondering what DingoGames are up to, so thank you Nibbler for noting this.
So, does anyone know anything about new Tasty Planet game?

Last time I asked, it was a different type of game they were working on. They were unsure about the story of another Tasty Planet based game so they didn't plan anything like that. But then this was all like half a year ago.

Well, I guess that that increases the chance of it being a sequel to this game, like the OP was asking, but no way to really know.

The only connection whatsoever to a sequel is a 7 year old Youtube comment they made.

Dingo Games 7 years ago
If this game does well then it's certainly a possibility. The other books in the d'Artagnan romances would be more difficult to turn into a game. In particular, the middle section of Ten Years Later (usually called "Louise de la Valliere") would not make a very exciting game. :)?

(From this video:

I mean, that would be pretty funny if they ended up releasing 10 years later, 10 years later, but . . .


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