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I've had a lot of questions about where to find the various sidequests, so here is a list of them all. They are ordered based on their location in the achievement screen. If you want the challenge of exploring the world and finding these on your own... well then I guess you shouldn't read any further.  ;)

Row 1: Column 1: Gamble with the Cardinal's Guards inside "Cardinal's Guards Inn". Located in South-West Paris, to the right of Pre-aux-Clercs.
Row 1: Column 2: Go upstairs in the Louvre and talk to Marin le Bourgeoys.
Row 1: Column 3: Talk to Jean-Mark the Cheese Producer in South-West Meung
Row 1: Column 4: Donate money to priest in front of Notre Dame
Row 1: Column 5: North most house in St. Germain (Jetter House), talk to brothers.
Row 2: Column 1: Talk to Phillipe, outside Leblanc house in northern Paris.
Row 2: Column 2: Talk to man in house on the right in Crevecoeur (city on the way to Calais).
Row 2: Column 3: Talk to man upstairs in Ferrand house in Tarbes
Row 2: Column 4: (Must have already completed main quest) Go into Palais Cardinal to the room where Cardinal Richelieu was often standing, talk to the person there.
Row 2: Column 5: Talk to Guardsmen in Paris by the exit to St.Cloud/St. Germain (just to the left of Hotel de Treville)
Row 3: Column 1: Talk to lady in Du Manoir house in St. Cloud.
Row 3: Column 2: Talk to the man in the bottom right house in Calais.
Row 3: Column 3: Talk to bread vendor in Les Halles market in Paris.
Row 3: Column 4: (Must have made it to La Rochelle missions in main story) Talk to French Spy in Dover, England.
Row 3: Column 5: Talk to Guardsman in Paris by the exit to the North (the one above Palais Cardinal).
Row 4: First: (Must have already complete Marin mission) Talk to Monsieur Beaumont in Beaumont house in Paris (above Les Halles)
Row 4: Second: Beat all the tennis challenges (talk to Tennis Referee).
Row 4: Third: Beat the main story and all the other achievements.

Let me know if anything here isn't clear enough.

I am having trouble with this sidequest in the Three Musketeers game ; Row 3: Column 2: Talk to the man

in the bottom right house in Calais.  I could only find 3 puppies.  I am supposed to find all six puppies. 

Do you happen to have any suggestions or hints on where to find the other 2 puppies?  Unfortunately, the

yellow arrow which pointed to where the puppies are supposed to be found was not helpful.  Fortunately, I

was able to find the other sidequests.

Please diregard the earlier message I posted.  I finally found the six puppies in various parts of Calais: on the pier facing the English Channel, upstairs in a house near the inn, inside the trunk in a house close to the inn, near a field.  This was probably the toughest of sidequests in this game.  


Ira Grossman

For future puppy-searchers, here's where to find all the puppies.

Donovan can be found in the house left of the Calais Inn.
Hitch can be found by the fenced-in field, to the right of the puppy-man's house.
Pippin can be found by a tree to the left of the puppy-man's house.
Saint can be found along the docks.
Sig can be found in the house to the left of the puppy-man's house.
Sugarpie can be found by the Governor of Calais' house (to the left of the puppy-man's house and down the path)


I have a question about the very last sidequest in the achievements screen of the Three musketeers game: "Row 4: Third: Beat the main story and all the other achievements."  I believe this the one shaped like the Fleur de Lys, the symbol of the French royal family.  First of all, where in this game do I find this sidequest?
Secondly, Do I have to complete the sidequest in which D'Artagnan beats all the tennis players first?


Ira Grossman


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