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Started playing and love this game.  I especially like going into the homes and buildings, searching the barrels and crates and the homeowners don't mind a bit ;D 

Ha ha, yeah that's pretty standard in games with a loot gathering element to them. In the early stages of development I considered doing some kind of stealing element, but as with most things in the game I decided to keep it as simple as possible (simple for this type of game anyhow).

I must admit that I enjoy saving that monk from thieves and then looting his house after...

You really should feel bad about robbing a monk..but they do like giving to the poor. ;) 

I completed the game and achievements, but continue to play to see how high the levels go.  Right now, I'm nearly done with level 37.  I plan to start a new game and this time do a few things different.  I wonder how many people sold the rare wine from the basement and then said they never saw it....I held onto it for a long time before I sold it. ;D

Your team is to be commended for the wonderful details of the characters, the movement of D'Artagnan's hair when he rides, the sound of the horse's foot on the cobblestones, the change in music as the scene changes, the comments made by all the people, and compliments to your wife on the artistry.  I sometimes find myself enjoying the scenery of the countryside and then all of a sudden, ruffians attack.   Great job.


I agree, this is indeed one fantastic RPG. This game proves that amazing classtic-styled RPGs can still be made in 2D.

The loot gathering is of the most awesome and silly points to a classic rpg.. I mean.. who keeps diamond rings in a wooden barrel beside a picketed fence? rofl.. I loved how in A Bard's Tale (the latest one I'm talking about, not those epic old school ones) at the beginning when you kill a rat he talks about how he once killed a wolf and found a chest in it that contained gold.. Rofl, too true. :P

I definitely look forward to another game by Dingo Games.

Hello, all! I'm a new fan of your Musketeers game! I played a demo of it, and I purchased Queen Anne's Diamonds!
Guys (and any ladies that are part of the team), you are great!!
I was looking at the source code of the game and everything, and it seems there is a very great potential for expansion of the game(ala Rome: Total War modding communities).
Are there any future plans of continuing the three musketeers? Will there be support for a gaming community should there be potential members who would be willing to release add-ons for the game? I for one wouldn't hesitate to continue on it!
Once again, great game! Milady's Vengeance, here I come!


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