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I enjoy this game, no doubt. Reading the novel and Twenty Years After in conjunction to playing the game has inspired me to become a better person. I enjoy reading quotes by Livy, Cicero, Herodotus, and the like. As was the fashion in the 16th century, learning classical readings is actually a very good thing to do in real life. James, you and your staff are to be praised for this great work. I enjoy it over and over again. However, I would like to present my own add ons for those who would like some variety of clothing. With the permission of the makers, I will be uploading different clothes to characters. I have already dressed Porthos, Athos and Aramis as their silver screen counterparts in the 1970's rendition of the Three Musketeers.
Good day.


Ah, yes, all of these games are have surprising quality that is very rare to find. (So far I have found only two games that have the same magic as Tasty Planet 1 and 2.


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