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I was wondering how do you know (or calculate) the size of an object.I mean for exemple a box is easy to calculate but how did you do it for a horse,a man or a hippopotamus?In TP there are pencils on the table with a thickness of about 1 cm and a lenght of about 14 cm but to eat it you must be around 4 cm.How did you calculate this size?

Well, the pencil's area would be about 14 cm^2. When you are 4 cm in diameter, your size is about 12.6 cm^2, which is pretty close to 14.

Yes, it's done by the area of objects. It's calculated to per pixel accuracy. A few objects (like clouds) have lower density so you can eat them when you are smaller.

The alternative would have been estimating what the height of objects would be and calculating the volume. For example, a piece of paper is extremely thin so it's volume is tiny. But that would be hard and confusing for players to decide which objects they could eat.

At that point you would be playing Katamari. (Or, since objects in TP don't stick to the goo, more like this Starcraft 2 custom map called Hungry Hungry Baneling I found a long time ago. Or a game called the Munchables. TP is still the most addicting though.)

I had never heard of the Munchables, I'll have to check that out.


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