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This is just a topic for any ideas for mechanics, levels, etc.

If you have an idea for TP3, post it here!  :D

Here are my ideas:

Boss Battles:
Boss battles would feature something of great significance to the story (usually :P)
Like for example, one boss level could be named "Humanity's last stand" and the boss would be a giant satellite thing of UBER POWAFULNESS! ... Sorry had to. Anyways bosses would be huge (of course) and have a variety of attacks. Going back to the huge satellite thing example, it could shoot lasers, spawn laser ships to attack you, and try to suck in Grey Goo like a black hole. And the boss levels could have their own music.

Level Editor:
The level editor would be a feature that could be unlocked after beating ether casual mode or timed mode. With this thing, you could...

>Make your own levels and share them
>Add objects to your level for Grey Goo to eat
>Set the level background, music, etc.
>Create your own objects with their own behaviors (Like trees that shoot lasers    ;D )

Switches would be a level mechanic in which if you activate one thing, it would trigger something to happen. You know  :P

Tell me what you think!  :D

I would hope for TP3 to be more of an open-source game, with the ability to make mods and stuff.

James(the maker of Tasty Planet) has stated previously that a level editor would be way too time-consuming and expensive. Also, their music is open source, so it would be hard to get unique music for bosses.


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