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What do you say?

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I was thinking earlier how would be if there was a TP game centered around Earth's mythologies.How cool would it be if you'd be eating Olympus or the Egyptian pantheon, or the awesome moment when all the gods are running or something like that.Maybe TP4 would be like this, or bonus levels in TP3 (I'm saying TP4 because I don't know the theme of TP3, but I'm 99% it's not mythology).And maybe along with mythologies put myths and legends like Bigfoot,Yeti,Loch Ness Monster and things like that (and James if you do this you must also put Santa Claus :D ), and maybe put characters like Dracula,Frankenstein,Don Quixote,Little Red Riding Hood (so you got the idea: characters from different stories).
What do you say?

That would be nice, and give lots of neat objects to eat, but I don't think I would want the whole game to be based on it. Also, is it possible that some of those may have copyrights?

Well I'm sure Quixote and Red Riding Hood don't have copyrights, Dracula and Frankenstien have copyrights only on specific versions(and for a top-view game it's hard to tell which version of them is in the game because you only see the top of the head and the shoulders).Also this site has books without copyrights here's the link

I think one of those things might actually be in a game we're working on...

A new game? can you tell us more about it?


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