Author Topic: Clear Graphics, Nice Sounds and great plots immurse you into a fantastic story!  (Read 17895 times)


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Once again, Kris has outdone herself on the graphics here. Nice animation and clear graphics.

James, the story is awesome, verry gripping and addictive, the nice sound effects also bring this game to life too.

I will diffinetly be purchasing a copy of the full game soon. Having not read the original books myself I am intregiued to read them now, though i have watched some films which include the three musketeers in there story.

You can tell how much time and effort has been put into this game. Its never easy to create a game adaption from a book or film, many have failed in there attempts. Mainly from trying to be too complex in there approuch and the game play. This game seems to pull you into the story.

Many thanks, DingoGames.

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I totally agree with your assessment of this amazing game.  No matter how many times you've completed the story, it remains intriguing.  I'm trying to get everyone I know to play this game. :D
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