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Payment and possible bug


Hi all,

First of all, great game! Was trying to buy it through dutch Rabobank option. But when I came to the direct-ebanking site the Rabobank was not an option. Got the following error:

Unfortunately a direct bank transfer from your account (country: Netherlands, bank: Rabobank Nederland) to the recipient bank account (country: Germany, bank: Deutsche Bank Privat und Geschäftskunden) is not possible. Please try another bank account.

Well, fixed that myself my opening a paypall account. It will soon be activated. Maybe BMT Micro should remove the Rabobank option  ;). Can't wait to get the full version  ;D

I also have a small problem with the game. Whenever I minimize the game. The graphics are all garbled when i maximize it again. I have to ALT-F4 (close) and then restart the game. This is somewhat annoying when I accidently hit the windows key. I don't know if this is a known bug or that it is a hardware issue. Videocard = S3 Savage Pro DDR in a notebook.



--EDIT Tried to make screenshot of graphics garble but then I just get a black screenshot. Does not work somehow.

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the report. I sent a message to BMT Micro regarding your payment problem.

I was able to reproduce the minimize bug. It happens on my Windows 7 machine, but not on my XP machine. Unfortunately, this is probably an issue with the third party engine that the game uses so there is no simple fix for it (the engine developer dropped support for it and hasn't updated it in a few years). After I've completed my current project (Tasty Planet 2), I'm planning on going back and updating the engines that Jack of All Trades and Laser Dolphin use to something that is being supported. That should hopefully fix this, and any other little problems that Win7/Vista may have introduced.

Dear James,

Thanks for your reply. Funny thing is, i'm running xp. But also have a fix for that  ;D. Found a utility to temporary disable the windows keys.  ;). Now i'm just waiting on paypal. They have to deposit two amount lower than 1 euro to your bank account to verify your bank account. When that is done, i'll buy Jack of all trades and the musketeer game. I read very positive reactions about it in the forums! I'll download the demo as I type.  ;D

Keep up the good work!



Ok, so I guess it isn't Win7 specific.  :) Thanks for the info.

Btw, BMT Micro was unaware of the Rabobank issue. They are looking into it.


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