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I ate the high scores

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At the time of this post, I have the top high score in all 96 single-player levels.  (Admittedly, only 21 people have submitted high scores yet, but I still think it's an awesome achievement.)

C'mon people, wipe the smug grin off my face and give me a new challenge.  Beat some of my high scores, and then come gloat about it here.

what is your high score?

If you own the full game, you can view other people's best times, and submit your own, by clicking the "high scores" button in the main menu.

Wow, that is impressive. I can't you believe you beat all my scores... I'm going to play a bit and see if I can beat some.

Those times are pretty tough to beat! However, Mr. Kittens now has the top score on "Bones".


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