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Hello, it's me again!

I've completed the game yet again (I can't count how many times I did and I'm still not tired of it XD) and I come here with a question.

Do you plan on doing a game for the Second and perhaps Third novels of the trilogy? *O_O* I would most definitely spend money to get them! Or collaborate in their creation! <3

Thanks, I glad you like the game!

I'm not sure what our next project is going to be yet, right now we're still working on Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds stuff. There might be an update coming for Musketeers in a few months (though we're not sure yet!) but a sequel would be a long ways off if did decide to do it. I think that Twenty Years After might be possible to adapt, as well as Man in the Iron Mask... I'm not so sure about the first two thirds of Ten Years Later. From what I remember of them anyways, I would have to do a lot of research to be sure.


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