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Version Released
« on: October 02, 2010, 10:30:18 PM »
Based on more feedback of some of the casual levels being too difficult, I changed a few more things.

These levels are now easier on casual mode (in timed mode they are the same as before, because I want to keep timed mode challenging):
-Roman Rats
-Are You Not Entertained?
-Big Kitties
-Rice Mice

So now hopefully everyone should be able to beat all the casual levels. I'm trying to make sure that the game has a wide range of difficulty to satisfy everyone. If you're really into a challenge, be sure to check out the high scores and try to beat some those!

The new version is You can see what version of the game you have by looking at the bottom of the options screen.

If you ordered in the last month you should be able to reuse your original download link. If you ordered longer ago and want the update email me and I'll send it to you.


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Re: Version Released
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2010, 11:53:50 PM »
That's a smart change.  By the way, I hope there's some way that casual players can unlock bonus levels.