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I simply CANT get this part:

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I'm on the timed levels, and am on "Cow Crossing". I've been playing this one level for hours now, and I'm getting ready to quit.

It's upsetting, because this is really a great game, and I want to move on to the bonus levels,  but I can't cause I'm stuck on this one.

I've tried to go in the lanes the cows aren't, then to the "free" stuff, and by the time I get big enough to eat the cows, I run out of time.

Any advice?

You should watch the video for this level. The link has been posted somewhere under 'New Gold Level' topic. It really helped me. I got silver for it!

Here's the link:

Also, make sure you have the latest version of the game because there was a mouse control update (you can probably reuse your original download link, otherwise contact me and I'll send you a new download link -

Yes, I have watched the you tube vids before.

They weren't much help, but after my gazillionth time, I finally beat it.

And I realize there's no "trick" to beating it, it's mostly persistence, quick fingers, (since I'm using the arrow keys,) and luck.


Alright, now I'm stuck on "Big Kitties" (Rome).

Is there a vid for that?


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