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...and am now trying to build the strongest ship possible. Can you post a list with all ships and upgrades (and where I can find them) so I can finish the challenge?

Here's a list of all the ships:
"Kermodeon Destroyer"
"Kermodeon Gun Boat"
"Muterran Fighter"
"Kermodeon Fighter"
"Personal Shuttle"
"Muterran Destroyer"
"Muterran Gun Boat"
"Galactic Privateer"
"T-6000 Transport"
"T-5000 Transport"
"Circus Cruise Ship"
"G.I. Cargo Transport"
"Roboto Destroyer"
"Roboto Gun Boat"
"Roboto Fighter"
"Mobile Gun Platform"
"Astro Transport"
"Space Car"

As for where to buy everything... Each planet has a tech level which determines what they sell. If you go to a planet with a low tech level, they will sell very little. If you go to a planet with a high tech level then they will sell everything. So if you go to earth, for example, then you will find all of the best Muterran ships (of course you also have to be friendly with that government to have access to their equipment). Upgrades and weapons are not specific to any species, so you should be able to find them all on earth (or the equivalent main star system for the Kermodeon or Robotos)

Hi James,
thanks for your reply. Fortunately I'm on good terms with Earth, so it was no problem to get a Destroyer from them. After toying around (OK, it's slow, but it takes a lot of bees to kill an elephant :-)), I'm wondering how it does compare to the other fraction's destroyers.

But how does it compare to the other destroyers?

* I'm hated by both of the other fractions (after finishing the story, what a surprise), so I'd have to suck up to both fractions one after another to see the two remaining destroyers
* But even if I manage that, you only show bars (and no numbers), which I'd be able to note down.
* Suppose I stick with the bars, I suffer from the Alt-Tab-bug mentioned in another thread, so I cannot take screenies either :-(
Can you help me out here? With the exact specs, I could rank up specifically with the fraction I want to buy from and save me a lot of effort.

I hope you don't mind two off-topic questions:
I saw a monkey in the images folder. Can you give me a hint - nothing too specific or it would spoil the fun - on how to meet it in-game?
You mentioned in the Alt-Tab thread that you want to revamp the game. What's your roadmap there? You think you'll do it this year?

Here are the stats pulled directly from the game's source code.

Kermodeon Destroyer:
3600.0, //Thrust
        75.0, //MaxSpeed
        4000.0, //TurnForce
        200.0, //Mass
        50, //MaxCargo
        2, //MaxCannons
        7, //MaxTurrets
        20, //MaxLaunchers
        8, //MaxLayers
        35.0, //Radius
        "Kermodeon Destroyer", //Name
        1000, //MaxCrew
        10000, //MaxShields
        5000, //MaxHull
        1000.0, //MaxEnergy
        10000.0, //MaxFuel
        1200, //MaxAmmo
        50.0, //EnergyRechargeRate
        100.0, //ShieldRechargeRate
        10.0, //Evade
        10, //TechLevel
        KERMODIONS, //Government
        10000000, //Price

Muterran Destroyer:
3600.0, //Thrust
        70.0, //MaxSpeed
        4000.0, //TurnForce
        250.0, //Mass
        70, //MaxCargo
        0, //MaxCannons
        9, //MaxTurrets
        23, //MaxLaunchers
        8, //MaxLayers
        35.0, //Radius
        "Muterran Destroyer", //Name
        1000, //MaxCrew
        10000, //MaxShields
        10000, //MaxHull
        1200.0, //MaxEnergy
        10000.0, //MaxFuel
        1100, //MaxAmmo
        50.0, //EnergyRechargeRate
        80.0, //ShieldRechargeRate
        8.0, //Evade
        10, //TechLevel
        MUTERRANS, //Government
        12500000, //Price

Roboto Destroyer:
5000.0, //Thrust
        103.0, //MaxSpeed
        3000.0, //TurnForce
        150.0, //Mass
        15, //MaxCargo
        0, //MaxCannons
        10, //MaxTurrets
        15, //MaxLaunchers
        0, //MaxLayers
        25.0, //Radius
        "Roboto Destroyer", //Name
        1, //MaxCrew
        25000, //MaxShields
        4200, //MaxHull
        7000.0, //MaxEnergy
        1000.0, //MaxFuel
        850, //MaxAmmo
        75.0, //EnergyRechargeRate
        50.0, //ShieldRechargeRate
        20.0, //Evade
        10, //TechLevel
        ROBOTOS, //Government
        5500000, //Price

Acceleration and turn speed are calculated by dividing by mass.
Acceleration = Thrust/Mass
Turn Acceleration = TurnForce/Mass

If you're using a destroyer, I recommend turning the game speed up to max (in the options menu).

If you want to become friendly with the other governments, the best way is probably to just destroy a ton of pirates.

As far as upgrades to the game, I was planning on switching the game to a different engine, but the third party developer who made it sold it... it's a all a bit complicated, but I'm still planning on updating the engine at some point. I'm not planning on any major changes to the actual game though - I just want to get all the small bugs fixed.

***MINI-SPOILER*** The monkey graphic is from the last mission in the game, you might not have seen it if you destroyed the last enemy really fast, or it was off screen as you were destroying it.

Thanks a lot. For better comparison, I made the following table:
KermodeonMuterranRobotoForward Acceleration1814.433.3Speed7570103Turn Acceleration201620Cargo507015Cannons200Turrets7910Launchers202315Layers (?)880Radius (?)353525Crew (?)100010001Health150002000029200Energy100012007000Fuel (?)10000100001000Ammo12001100850Energy Recharge Rate505075Shield Recharge Rate1008050Evade (?)10820Price (M)'m unsure about attributes with (?). I also calculated the accelerations according to your formula.
Seems I'll give the Robot destroyer a try :-)


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