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To all our Dingo Games and Tasty Planet fans - you can now play TP on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch! That's right, we finally made our first app! We've updated it for the app store, so there are now four different ways to play (tilt, tap, joystick or trackpad), new comics, and of course you still get an all-you-can eat buffet of objects from microbes to solar systems! It's the original Tasty Planet you know and love, now available in the app store. You can get it today!

...and there's a lovely little app video you can view right here!

Yay... To bad I can`t play it on the go :'(. I hope I can get it on Nintendo later.

Real fans buy BEFORE the obligatory sale right after an app goes up.



--- Quote ---Real fans buy BEFORE the obligatory sale right after an app goes up.
--- End quote ---
Sorry, it really wasn't the original plan. I wasn't planning on doing any sales for at least a couple weeks or more likely a couple months after release. Here's what happened:

We made a smaller flash version of Tasty Planet to promote the iPhone game. The idea being that we'd get lots of free plays on the Flash game and then some percentage of those users would buy the iPhone game. The first part of the plan was working amazingly - we already have over one million plays of the Flash game. The problem was that we weren't getting anywhere near the number of iPhone sales that we had hoped for. Seriously, one MILLION flash plays, I expected a lot of iPhone sales from that.

We started wondering if maybe the Flash players weren't willing to pay $1.99 for a game. Maybe they would buy ten times more at $0.99. Because the flash game isn't going to be doing these huge numbers for much longer I decided we needed to act quickly and test out $0.99. I felt really bad about doing the sale so soon after release, but I couldn't just sit there and watch the game flop without ever making it up the charts. That's the only way to do well with iPhone games - you NEED to make it up the charts to get seen by lots of people.

The game has moved up the charts pretty quickly today, so it may have been the right move. We're going to end the sale after weekend, then see where the numbers go from there - that will give me a pretty good idea of where the price point should be.

It's tricky to figure out what the best strategy is, and we've been stressing about this stuff all week. I'm grateful to everyone who has bought the game - and I hope you think it is worth it!


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