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Why nobody posts on this forum?
Why do not add Facebook window like in Aveyond forum?

I Know,raxo2222.

We haven't released a new game in a while so there aren't as many people playing our games... that means less forum posters. When we release a new game there will probably be more people, or possibly if Back for Seconds does well when we release it on iPhone/iPad.

We do have a Facebook page that we get comments on sometimes:

There is less than 25 active users. We have only 59 users, who posted 1 or more posts. Why spambots are attacking this forum? 32400 of 32500 users was spambots. User counter should show only 100 or below.

Yes, the spam is annoying. I've been waiting for SMF to release the new version of their forum software. There is a feature in there that would help with spam.


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