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Favorite Levels and Least Favorite Levels

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Post your favorite and least favorite levels here! Please don't do Bonus Levels.

Favorite: Save The Dinosaurs
Least Favorite: Treeforts

Favourite (Yes I'm Canadian.) Cherry Blossoms Only level I've had (for a short time) a record on.

Least Favourite Machinelaser

Hii Zhe Xi:
Favourite:From Ants To Tanks

Least Favourite(or hate the most!): Cow Crossing(I can't get any better then the time for gold. I only past that time by 5 seconds.)

Favorite: All the Way Down
Least Favorite: Amazing Tables (Those tables are not all that amazing...)

I guess the programmer can use Bonus Levels. If I included Bonus, my least favorite levels would be all those "hard" versions. In TP3, I would suggest having less "Hard" levels.


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