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I think that TP3 should have a puzzle mode. You have to use your brain to get to the food, so it's more complex than just "eat everything". Each puzzle would be harder than the last. Some would require extreme thinking. It's good to combine this game with something that would improve kids' problem-solving skills. Tasty Planet + Variation + Education = Very good game.

I hope this persuaded you to at least consider a puzzle mode.

Hii Zhe Xi:
That will be in the Bonus levels, but you can put just a few levels of puzzle.

If the game becomes too educational, it won't be fun for older age groups. Some of the puzzles would have to be able to even challenge adults.

I'm interested in doing puzzle levels, but it's certainly a design challenge. I've been thinking about this for a while and will likely continue to do some experiments to see what would work. I personally love puzzle games like Braid and World of Goo but I'm not sure that the mechanics of Tasty Planet lend themselves to cool puzzles like this.

"Educational" can mean a lot of things... I wouldn't try to make something explicitly educational, but I think Tasty Planet is already educational in its own way.

Chain reactions maybe? Eat a dam, and now you can't eat the things that get flooded, but you can eat fish that come in. Let a civilian get away, and the police come. Maybe ram into a large boulder, and it will destroy objects and enemies in it's path. Eat a circuit box, and a large turret will turn off and stop firing.


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